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PLFA Competitions Draw

We have been dreading for this moment. This moment where we go back to football, formally, officially, and competitively. The time have draw near. The time is now. PLFA is in the process of launching […]

Executive Comment

The COVID19 Threat is Not Gone – Yet.

Medical experts and government officials have raised concerns about the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus cases in South Africa. On Thursday the 22nd of October 2020, the country reported 2,156 new cases, taking the total number of cases in the country reported to 710,515. Deaths have reached 18,843 (a daily increase of 102), while the country has 49,112 active cases. […]

Member Communications

Appointment of Club Compliance Officers

The purpose of this form is for PLFA Members to provide information on their appointed Compliance Officers. This is in itself a Compliance Matter from the SAFA Directives as part of ensuring the fight against spread of the COVID19 virus amid the resumption of football at grassroots level. Members have until the 26th of October in providing the required information. […]

Warming Up at Lucas Moripe Stadium
Member Communications

Executive Feedback – 18 October 2020

The Executive Committee of the Association held its meeting to mainly discuss the preparations for the resumption of football. This after government announced the State of the Emergency moving toward Alert Level 1 on the 1st of October, and the subsequent SAFA Directive on same. […]