Football Resumption Preparations

SAFA Tshwane is in preparations to resume with football activities. The mother body has issued a circular that serves to give an update with regards to resumption of football to all relevant stakeholders of SAFA Tshwane.

SAFA Tshwane is however still awaiting further directives from the national office (SAFA) regarding the resumption of football. Although the lockdown restrictions have been eased to alert level 1, restrictions on football and all other sporting codes still remained. Amateur
football therefore remains suspended until such time that SAFA and all its regions have been given further directives.

In order to alleviate the existing confusion and to offer clarity, the region has decided to hold meetings with relevant stakeholders. Three separate meetings will be held as follows:

1. SAB League on Wednesday, 07 October 2020;
2. LFA Secretaries on Tuesday, 13 October 2020; and
3. Women Football League on Thursday, 15 October 2020.

On other developments, SAFA national has decided that the log leaders of the ABC Motsepe leagues nationally be declared as winners of the respective leagues, and to resume with the national play-offs to get two clubs to join the Glad Africa (NFD) league. It is important to know that one of the Pheli based clubs, Pretoria Callies, are the log leaders in Gauteng, and will therefore be represented at the national play-offs. We wish them well. May they succeed.

Also, the Minister of Sports and Recreation has amended the regulations with regards to sports facilities. with some ofthe following elements to consider as part of the resumption of football:


  1. The sporting venue, dressing rooms and other facilities within the precinct of thesporting venue, must be disinfected before any matches.

  2. For the purposes of this paragraph, a hand sanitiser to be used must have at least 70% alcohol content, or be a generic alternative, and must meet the standard prescribed by the Department of Health.

  3. A person in charge of a sporting venue must ensure that(a) there are sufficient quantities of hand sanitiser, based on the number of persons who access the sporting venue, at the entrance of, and in, the sporting venue, to be used by persons accessing the venue; or(b) there are facilities for the washing of hands with water and soap.

  4. A sports body must take measures to ensure that -(a) all surfaces and equipment are cleaned before the resumption of sporting activities and in between activities; and(b) all areas such as toilets, common areas, door handles, shared electronic equipment, are regularly cleaned.

  5. The sporting venue must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to commencement of sporting activities. “.


  1. Appropriate information material relating to COVID -19 must be displayed in a prominent place within the sporting venue.

  2. The number of personnel in the sporting venue, change room or training area at any given time, must be limited as far as is reasonably practicable.

  3. Face masks, or appropriate items that cover the nose and mouth as required by the health protocols, must be worn by all personnel entering the sporting venue except athletes when training or participating in matches.

  4. Only individual pre -packed meals with disposable drinking bottles are allowed in the sporting venue.

  5. No person may share a water bottle with another person.

  6. All doors must remain open, where feasible, to reduce contact and ensure adequate ventilation.

  7. A dedicated isolation area for use by any individual who exhibits symptoms of COVID -19 while in training or during a match, must be identified.

  8. A sport body must -(a) assume full responsibility for the safety and security of its members, staff and athletes in curbing the spread of COVID -19; and (b) ensure that all its members comply with the provisions of these Directions,

Noting the above, it is therefore important for all Members of the association to not resume with the training an playing of football as that would be breaking the law. Giving the other body a chance to give a go ahead after rigorous planning and provision of resources. Remember, prevention of the spread of the virus is still priority.


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