Executive Feedback – 18 October 2020

Warming Up at Lucas Moripe Stadium
Warming Up at Lucas Moripe Stadium

The Executive Committee of the Association held its meeting to mainly discuss the preparations for the resumption of football. This after government announced the State of the Emergency moving toward Alert Level 1 on the 1st of October, and the subsequent SAFA Directive on same.

The feedback from the Executive Meeting is as follows:


Feedback from SAFA Tshwane

Meeting was held at SAFA Tshwane on the 13th of October 2020 regarding the resumption of Football. The feedback from this meeting is as follows, as also attached here-to Attachment A.

  • SAFA National published a directive regarding the resumption of amateur football under strict health protocols. Through the discussions held on 13th October 2020. Safa Tshwane indicated that it will provide clarity and way forward on what is expected from the LFAs with regarding the resumption of amateur football.
  • LFAs are required to take a decision regarding the conclusion of their Promotional leagues as all other development leagues have been nullified.
  • It should be noted that before the resumption of any kind of football activity (including training), All LFAs and clubs that will be involved in any football activities are required to appointment a Compliance Officers who will ensure that the Health Protocols stipulated on (Attachment A) are adhered to at all times.
  • This LFA appointed Compliance Officer will work hand in hand with the appointed Club Compliance Officers, while overseeing that all health protocols are adhered to at all times.
  • LFAs are required to submit the following details of their appointed Compliance Officer to the office by Wednesday, 21s October 2020
Super League Options

The winner of the Super League for 2020 will be determined through a short competition. The competition will be called PLFA Super League Championship Competition 2020.

The competition will play on the 14th,15th, 28th and 29th of November 2020.

To fund the Competition, a Competition Fee of structure will be determined by the number of teams that participate, and will be structured as follows:

  • 7 Team Involvement (Registration Fee R1,200,00 per Team);
  • 8 Team Involvement (Registration Fee R1,050,00 per Team);
  • 9 Team Involvement (Registration Fee R950,00 per Team);
  • 10 Team Involvement (Registration Fee R850,00 per Team);

SAFA Tshwane pronounced that the Registration of Players of the MySAFA system is closed. However, the Secretary has been tasked with the opening of the registration as it is impractical to continue with the competition without allowing the teams to register players. This is also in consideration that by the time COVID19 stroke, teams were already busy with the registration of players. So that process is not complete.

Each match will be officiated by 3 Match Officials. 

Compliance Officer will be paid a stipend, with the expectation of enforcing compliance at club training through spot checks and during match days. The Officer will be contracted from the 21st of October until the 30th of November. His / Her contract and the terms thereof will be reviewed for next season.

Facilities Readiness

Mbolekwa Ground will be used for the competition.

An urgent Meeting to be organised with the City of Tshwane to discuss the readiness and utilisation of facilities, including the office of the association and the meeting room.

In the meantime, the Secretary will make an urgent request for a facility for the meeting with Members to be held on the 20th of October 2020.

Temperature Screening and Sanitisers to be procured by the 11th of November 2020.

COVID19 Compliance

PLFA will appoint a Compliance Officer by 20 October 2020.

Compliance will be receiving a Stipend to be agreement upon with the appointee.

Compliance Officer to be registered as a consultant, and not as an employee.

All Members will be informed and encouraged to apply.

The Opportunity will be advertised on the PLFA Website.

Submit the details of the Compliance Officer by 21 October 2020.

Club to appoint Club Compliance Officers by 26 October 2020.

PLFA will convene a Compliance Meeting with all the Club Compliance Officers on the 27th of October 2020.

#MunyaiSwagg Disk Challenge

The association will, in association with Coltrane Munyai, host a #MunyaiSwagg Diski Challenge which is planned for the weekends of the 7th and 21st of November 2020. This will alternate weekends with Super League Championship Competition.

This tournament will be played at the Masupha Ground A and B. To be requested from the City of Tshwane and Cricket club.

More details about this competition will be made available by the 27th of October 2020. However, in the meantime, the under 13 and Under 15 divisions need to start preparing.


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