We Need Your Help

PLFA has recently relieved its Vice Secretary from his duties, leaving a huge administrative gap within the association. The administrative burden is ever increasing, part of what will make this association one of the best in the land.

Therefore, PLFA is currently looking for a volunteer to assist with the Administration. The role will initially focus on the admin of fixtures and match results, incorporating team lists, yellow and red cards, goals scorers, etc, updating of the website and social media platforms, and management of payment stubs for the Match Officials. He or she will also be required to attend the weekly Referees Meetings and Leagues & Competitions Meetings and prepare the minutes for those.

We are working on making this a paid role, but for the next two months, we would very much like assistance on a voluntary basis. As we get the funding specifically for this, we will turn it into a paid role within the confines of the Constitution of the Association.

Anyone interested, please contact the Secretary at info@plfa.org.za.


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