Virtual Workspaces for Continued Engagements

COVID-19 has brought its challenges to human kind all over the world. As a result, man businesses have come to a grinding halt. PLFA is no exception. All our fixtures have been suspended, but so are our meetings, and consequently so are our operations.

But the world is responding to the challenge but trying to at least get the very least of the operations going whilst the fight again the spread of the virus is underway. Businesses have implemented a ‘Work from Home’ strategy to get the basic operations run. In doing so, they make use of technologies that will keep them connected together, engaging seamlessly and delivery the very basic services that keep the world go round.

Football is one of the hardest hit activities in the world. And because most of football is at an amarteur level, this means that every virtual operations are hard to get going due to lack of affordability of facilities and technologies that could enable virtual operations.

We have noted however that technology OEMs are moving with speed to create and even make available technologies to enable even non-profit organisations who cannot afford such, and provide these at no cost with minimum functionality.

PLFA is as such exploring a Facebook application calls Workspaces. This is a technology that enables organisations to continue to operate virtually by being able to engage through chats, exchange and / or sharing of files, call each other on video calls and establish video conference meetings, all in a secure manner with organisational control.

Facebook being a familiar platform for most population, becomes a solution of preference mainly for ease adoption be the officials and Members of the association. Alternative platforms are technologies like Skype, Teams, WebEx, Zoom, etc. The Facebook workspace offers a much more secured, organisation based solution the almost tries to match Skype for Business and / or Teams for enterprises.

We are still setting the solution up for the association, but can in the meantime be viewed on this link: We have also put an icon on the front page of the website to facilitate the ease of accessing the workspace.

Only invited officials, Members and even players can join the Workspace. More information will be communicated as the workspace becomes ready.

The main purpose for the workspace is to enable the association to continue to engage, taking advantage of the lockdown period to catch up with the issues that we are behind with, like compliance matters, workshop related matters, and planning for the resumption of operations once the lockdown has been lifted.

As we invite Members, we urge Members not to delay in signing up and logging in so that the engagements can begin swiftly.

For assistance, call 082 309-2523 or send an email to or post your query on this article.


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