Tshwane Mayoral Cup Finals


The Tshwane Mayoral Cup 2018 which started three weeks ago continues on the 23rd of June 2018 in Mamelodi. All Local Football Association affiliated to SAFA Tshwane participated, this includes PLFA.

Unfortunately PLFA did not do well on the Junior Football Squads, that is, Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15. The Football Association of Pretoria (FAP) dominated the divisions. Therefore, PLFA will not be represented on these divisions as it was knocked out.

PLFA has however qualified with Under 17 and Under 19 squads. This takes us to the Semi-Finals with these squads in the same competition.

The programme for Junior Football will be as follows:



Under 11 – MALFA (Mamelodi) vs FAP (Pretoria)

Under 11 – HALFA (Hammanskraal) vs SOLFA (Soshanguve)

Under 13 – MALFA (Mamelodi) vs FAP (Pretoria)

Under 13 – HALFA (Hammanskraal) vs SOLFA (Soshanguve)

Under 15 – MALFA (Mamelodi) vs FAP (Pretoria)

Under 15 – HALFA (Hammanskraal) vs SOLFA (Soshanguve)

Under 17 – MALFA (Mamelodi) vs PLFA (Phelindaba)

Under 17 – HALFA (Hammanskraal) vs WILFA (Winterveldt)

Under 19 – HALFA (Hammanskraal) vs MABLFA (Mabopane)

Under 19 – MALFA (Mamelodi) vs PLFA (Phelindaba) 


The Finals will play on the same day,


We wish all all the PLFA squads well. We trust that will bring back home victories.


However, the Executive Committee of PLFA recognises that we did not do well this year when it comes to squads. We will thoroughly review our faults and come up with lasting solutions to ensure that the events of this poor showing, particularly with our Junior squads, never happen again. The review session will be set up with the PLFA Coaches Forum for the 27th of June 2018.




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