Super League Kick Off Preparations

As you know…

We are preparing for the Super League Kick Off. The start up meeting took place on the 7th of November 2019. Eight teams showed interest, and these teams are:

  • Arcadia Eagles FC
  • Atteridgeville Young Zebras FC
  • Bakwena FC *
  • Heroes FC
  • PTA Cardinals FC
  • Real Jabulani FC
  • The Bees FC
  • Umkhonto United Brothers FC
  • (* Currently Suspended)

Several other teams have shown interest after the said meeting.

A follow up meeting will take place on the 14th of November 2019, same time and same venue. The intention is to ensure that when the league starts, it will not be disrupted by issues such as payment of fees, as well as commitment of Clubs and that of Match Officials. Kick Off will also be discussed.

The interested Clubs have already been invoiced the Super League Registration Fees of R3920.00. This fee assumes that there will be 13 Clubs ultimately in the Super League, using the quantity of teams from last season as a baseline. However, should lesser Clubs be confirmed, the Registration Fee will be reduced accordingly prior to kick off. Here is the Registration Fee structure:

  • 7 Teams: R2,960.00
  • 8 Teams: R3,120.00
  • 9 Teams: R3,280.00
  • 10 Teams: R3,440.00
  • 11 Teams: R3,600.00
  • 12 Teams: R3,760.00
  • 13 Teams: R3,920.00
  • 14 Teams: R4,080.00
  • 15 Teams: R4,240.00
  • 16 Teams: R4,400.00

During the Executive Committee Meeting held on the 11st of November 2019, it was agreed that Super League teams will be allowed to pay off the Registration Fee within three months, that is November, December and January.

As you know, management of credit has gotten tighter at PLFA. At the same time, tight management of credit where participants are not willing to pay is extremely disruptive to those who are willing and committed. It is therefore imperative that as we allow a credit arrangement, participants must be committed to follow through with the arrangement. If not, please do not even bother to participate.

It is important that we get as many Super League teams playing as possible. As we promote three teams to the Regional League in 2020, we still need an acceptable number of teams remaining in order to still be able to play.

Please Note * Teams that are currently suspended will not be allowed to kick off unless their suspension is lifted prior to kick off.

See you all at the Super League Preparation Meeting on Thursday.

Kind Regards

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