Shinning Stars Youth Day Tournament


PLFA would like to confirm that the Shinning Stars Youth Day Tournament planned for the 16th and 17th of June is still on. PLFA clubs wishing to participate in the tournament are free to join. Anyone wishing to play may contact Shinning Stars Football Club directly.

The association also wishes to disclaim that this tournament does not fully meet the requirements of the association. It is condones because of the way in which the request thereof was handled. The association will thus establish a protocol that will govern how hosting of tournaments are requested, things to comply with before requesting, things to conform with as part of the tournament, and so forth.

Whilst this tournament continues as scheduled, those members of the association who will not be taking part in the tournament for whatever reason, will be scheduled to play official league games to reduce the backlog as a result of starting the league late.

We trust that this message is in order, and that it will be received by members in good faith.

By Order.


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