SAFA Tshwane President Resigns

SAFA Tshwane President, Mr. Willie Mooka, has resigned from his position with immediate effect on the 23rd of January 2019. Mr. Mooka submitted his resignation to the SAFA Tshwane office on the same day. His resignation was announced to the members of the Regional Executive Committee (REC) during the REC Meeting, also held on the 23rd of January.

Mr. Mooka, who started serving as the region’s President since 2006, is also a sitting President of SAFA in the Gauteng Province, and as a consequence thereof, also a member of SAFA’s National Executive Committee.

The reasons cited for his resignation are busy schedules flowing from SAFA Gauteng, SAFA National and his businesses.

His resignation comes just one week before the SAFA Tshwane Elective Congress, which will be held on the 2nd of February 2019. In fact on that day there will be two Congresses, one is an Extra Ordinary Congress which seeks to complete the amendments to the region’s Statutes (Constitution) as well as dealing with the matter raised by Hammanskraal Local Football Association, where it is tabling a motion of dismissal to the entire Regional Executive Committee. The Elective Congress will be held just after the conclusion of the Extra-Ordinary Congress on the same day.

Naturally, the remaining Deputy President, Mr. Muazaam must hold the fort until the Elective Congress on the 2nd of February 2019. However, failure thereto, the Honorary President, Mr. Sebapu will hold the fort, and even chair both the Extra-Ordinary and Elective Congresses on the 2nd.

PLFA Wishes Mr. Mooka well on his new and current endeavors, especially his role at SAFA Gauteng and SAFA National.


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