Ria Ledwaba Sacked as Vice President

Those of you who remember that PLFA held a Gala Dinner event in 2018, will also remember that our Key Note Speaker at the even was none other than Ms Ria Ledwaba. We were proud to be graced with the presence of such a giant in our football.


Some of you will also remember that she was a leading figure in the establishment of the National Woman League, which has started in earnest.

Well, we have been reliably informed that she has been removed as Vice President of SAFA on the 20th of June 2020. We have been reliably informed that the trigger for her removal is simply asking the President of SAFA to convene the NEC meeting to deal with the many issues that had been paraded in the media by different factions within SAFA, included the Office itself.

At the end of the day we will not be the judges of whether her removal was right or wrong. That is not for us to determine. If she is aggrieved by this, she can challenge the decision by the NEC at the Congress. However, we have also been reliably informed that she is content and will not seek those remedies. We are happy with that reaction. If SAFA is to crumble, which it is surely going that route, she will not be counted as one of the elements that caused it crumble with the unnecessary pushing and pulling.

As PLFA we are proud to have been associated with her. We will write a letter to inform her of our fondness regarding her leadership and transparency. We honour her bravery and encourage our leaders to remain resolute to the values of our organisation like her, regardless of the consequences. From this, as PLFA we learn what we must not do when people show decent, but to instead continue to leader with the utmost transparency. 

We also leanrt with dismay that in the same NEC meeting, Mr. Gay Mokoena was also removed as Deputy President. Also because he wrote a report that uncovers the wrongs of the President. Again, we are not the ones to say this was write or wrong. Him too, if he feels agrieved, he can approach the Congress as it is a Constitutional procedure. However, we would be happy if he does not and moves on. With him to, we will be glad to see that he will not be a contributor to the spiriling down of SAFA. He will leave that to those in power to do it all by themselves.

We certainly hope that this was not at all an event that scares those good apples remaining within the ranks of SAFA from talking the truth to power. The value of people in organisations is their contribution, regardless of the fact that such would be in contradiction with the views of others. Those who have views and are afraid to put them on the table for the fear of being pushed over are useless and can never bring any good to the game.

Thank you for your service Ms Ledwaba. Thank you for your bravery Mr. Mokoena. We will never forget your service to football.


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