Registration and Referees Fees

We have invoiced all the Members the Registration and Referees Fees for 2019. We acknowledge that this activity is extremely late in the season, but we needed to stabilise the number of clubs per league in order to work out the Referees Fees in particular.

We welcome new clubs that have joined us, and we will convene an Extra-ordinary Congress soon to have them formally admitted. These are:

  • The Bees Football Club;
  • City Stars Football Club;
  • Christian Stars Football;
  • North Gauteng Stars Football Club;
  • Umkhonto United Brothers Football; and
  • The Young Levites Football Club.

Members will remember that Deep Six Development Club and Tshwane University of Pretoria were formally admitted during the Ordinary Congress earlier this year.

City Stars and Christian Stars are not participating in the leagues this season. We trust that they will next season.

We have had teams entering and withdrawing from the leagues, causing much instability. We believe that we are stable now in terms of the number of teams per league.

Members are urged to raise the funds to cover the Registration Fee invoices before the due date.

Thanking all Members for the support during these turbulent times.


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