PLFA to Meet City of Tshwane Over Facilities

PLFA will on the 30th of July 2018 meet with the City of Tshwane top brass to discuss the association’s requirement of an office for PLFA, as well as the use of meeting facilities for its meetings.

PLFA has, since 1999, been operating administratively at the homes of the elected officials. Its meetings were held in a room in the Atteridgeville Committee Centre called the Boardroom. This was the case for until 2006, where the association was granted an office at the Molambo Community Hall, and the meeting facility at the then Super Stadium boardroom. When this happened, the association had requested an office at the stadium, and this was accepted as a temporary arrangement.

In 2007/2008 this arrangement changed. The office that the association occupied at Molambo Community Hall was converted into a meeting venue (shared with other community members), and a smaller office within the same center was made available. This at the time was seen as a completion of the request of the association, with convenience of having the office and the meeting venue at the same location.

However, as time went on, the inconvenience cause by the use of the facility by other community members started to interfere with the operational efficiency of the association, effectively prohibiting the association from rendering certain functions during certain times.

The above became a stark reminder that in fact, the original request of the association was not fulfilled accordingly, was in fact diverted. From the beginning the association believed, and made known its belief that it should be housed in football facilities. PLFA is the custodian of football in Phelindaba and Lotus, and is thus an important organization of a specific sector of the community. Lucas Moripe Stadium, formerly known as Super Stadium, is a flagship football facility and it has no links what-so-ever with those entrusted with running football in the community.

Consistently from 2017 the association made the request to the City of Tshwane for an office at the Lucas Moripe Stadium, and for the use of the boardroom in the same venue for its high level meetings, whilst the facilities at the Mbolekwa and Makhaza Grounds will be used for operational and technical meetings.

After over a year of follow ups, nothing has come through from the City. Instead, when there is a requirement for the association to make use of the stadium’s boardroom, a quotation is advanced, and payments must be made. The association has learnt that other organisations would be let to use the same boardroom without paying. These would be Atteridgeville Saulsville Sports and Recreation Council (ASSREC) and Lucas Masterpieces Moripe Goodwill Games (LMMGG – during the year end period). PLFA hold no beef against ASSREC and LMMGG, but simply wants the City of recognize it as the custodians of football in the area, and that the stadium is a football facility that needs to host the operations of such and organization.

In May 2018, PLFA escalated the matter to the Office of the Group Head –┬áCommunity and Social Development Services Department, Mr Tich Mekhoe. On 24th of July 2018, after PLFA’s follow up, Mr. Tshepo Rakgahla, the Director in Sports Development and Facilities Management confirmed his availability to address the matter with the association. A meeting has been set for the 30th of July 2018.

We trust that the meeting will be fruitful, and the PLFA will get the recognition due to it by the City. We will report on the outcomes of the meeting.




  1. An Executive Committee delegation consisting of the Chairperson, the 2nd Vice-Chairperson, the Secretary and the the Treasurer went to meet with the City of Tshwane, represented by Mr Tshepo Rakgahla. The meeting itself was successful.

    Key discussion points were:
    – The Office for PLFA at Lucas Moripe Stadium;
    – The Meeting Venue for the PLFA EXCO at Lucas Moripe Stadium;
    – The Handover of the Lotus Gardens Soccer Ground for operational use.

    Also discussed as a parting short was a need to meet and discuss the community development strategies of the City, and how the association can contribute to those in order to ensure that the City gears itself for the reality on the ground.

    On the issues discussed, Mr. Rakgahla offer to investigate the issues and make the relevant recommendations. He will give feedback by the 31st of July 2018.

    As mentioned before, we trust that the outcome will be favourable, and can actually give us a way forward, and move on from this hurdle that we have been stumbling upon for more than 10 years.


  2. The City of Tshwane has agreed to let PLFA to use Lucal Moripe Stadiums boardroom for its Executive Committee meetings. This is a progressive step towards the improvement of football operations. More still needs to be achieved.

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