PLFA League Administration Localised

Amid COVID-19 challenges, PLFA is in the process of migrating its League Administration Function from the League Republic to its website. We have already started administering the matches locally on our website.

This means that when operations resume post the COVID-19 lockdown, PLFA will continue to administer its leagues on this website.

We have put the icon of the leagues on the front page on this website for easy access. We also have added menu items on the website as well. Through these links, visitors of the website will be able to to see fixtures, match results, and log tables.

When operations resume, we will also be adding Match Officials per fixture. Only when we have appointed an Administrator will we be able to also public lineups per match, yellow and red cards, and goals scorers.

We are working towards making in information the only source of truth, meaning that all references to fixtures and match results be made only from this site.


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