PLFA is Hosting the Regional Super League Play-offs

Phelindaba Local Football Association (PLFA) will be hosting SAFA Tshwane in the staging of the Regional Super League Play-offs on the 30th of June and the 1st of July 2018. The Play-offs will be at Masupha Grounds.

Note that as PLFA will be represented by Atteridgeville Juventus Football Club in the Play-offs.

The clubs that will participate are as follows:

Mashupa Grounds Mashupa Grounds
1.      FAP (Tshwane United)

2.      HALFA (Ruffians)

3.      GALFA (Juventus)

4.      SOLFA (Sosh Campus)


1.      MALFA (Newcastle)

2.      PLFA (Atteridgeville Juventus)

3.      SELFA (Two Touch)

4.      WILFA ( City Rocks)


On Saturday the 30th of June, the games will start a little bit later as to allow for the time to prepare. The games will play as follows:

30 June 2018 SATURDAY
Time Match Home Team Away Team
12:00 1 Juventus Ruffians
12:00 2 Tshwane  United Sosh Campus
14:00 3 Atteridgeville Juventus Two Touch
14:00 4 Newcastle City Rocks


On Sunday, the games will play as follows:

Time Match Home Team Away Team
10:00 5 Ruffians Sosh Campus
10:00 6 Galfa Juventus Tshwane United
12:00 7 Two Touch Newcastle
12:00 8 Atteridgeville Juventus City Rocks
14:00 9 Sosh Campus Galfa Juventus
14:00 10 Tshwane United Ruffians
16:00 11 Two Touch City Rocks
16:00 12 Newcastle Atteridgeville Juventus


The date and time for the finals will be announced.

Come with your friends. Have a braai on the side, enjoy football. Support Atteridgeville Juventus FC.

See you there.

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