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PLFA is expecting a serious backlash from its members, primarily from its Higher Leagues Membership Band. Several messages are making their way to PLFA, although they are meant to still be a build up to a resistance campaign.

As PLFA we remain ready to engage all concerned Members and stakeholders over any issue that may affect them. Our policy is that of transparency and orderly management of our football.

We have recently received a message, obviously leaked, from one of the disgruntled stakeholders. See below:

Evening Gents hope everyone is well, I’m brewing trouble MoKasie in terms of soccer. Ratelliwa ene retella ke ppl who just came in MoKasie they can’t even speak se Pheli at all its even escalating to Xhosa ppl running our soccer development. No mentioning names BT I’ve had enough about the Plfa and I want change not tomorrow but last year. Please if u don’t agree with me do not comment because it will mean u lack information. Now we are forced as SAB teams to play our games anywhere but ko Mbolekwa because they say the pitch is unplayable lol???? I bet u all disagree with me because we all use it daily. Please support me when I launch a concerned group against Plfa association. Lets engage further but this I’m starting with or without ur support

PLFA has recently gone through some changes and difficult times, and still. These including:

  • The debt situation of Members, some facing the prospects of being suspended;
  • The damage of the Artificial Pitch at the Mbolekwa Ground, leading to the ground being declared unplayable for the higher leagues matches; and
  • The change of the payment structure for the Match Officials, leaving some of the Match Officials and Members unhappy.

As PLFA, we will solder on doing what is right. We however would like to urge our Members not to involve themselves in movements of resistance. Our Members should rather engage the association formally with their concerns. The procedure to do so is:

  • Members need to establish if they have common grievances;
  • If 33% of the Members (minimum of 11 Members) share the grievances, then they can request an Extra-Ordinary Congress with the matter(s) they need to be discussed.
  • The EXCO, upon receipt of such request either from 11 or more Members who are in Good Standing, or a petition with representation from 11 or more Members in Good Standing, will convene the Extra-ordinary Congress solely to discuss the matters raised in the request.
  • Resolutions made are binding as the Congress is the highest decision making body of the association.

Members who are found to participate in activities of colluding and inciting resistance outside of the allowed procedure will risk being charged with misconduct of incitement. We therefore trust that our Members will adhere to the protocols of order and engagement within the Association.

For any enquiries, please send email to

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