New Head of Technical and Development

The Executive Committee during its ordinary meeting of the 8th of September 2019 has co-opted Mr. Godfrey Matlhatsi from Blackburn Rovers FC as the Head of Technical and Development of the Phelindaba Local Football Association.

The Committee wishes Mr. Matlhatsi well in his new appointment, and trusts that he will add a lot of value in the functioning in the association.

In this role, the Head of Technical and Development is expected to:

  • Organise all the Coaches of the association behind one technical vision;
  • Help achieve the Strategic Objectives that were defined during the Strategic Workshop in 2016; some of which are to ensure that all Coaches attain minimum qualifications, and such to be a prerequisite of being recognized as a team coach;
  • To facilitate Coaches training programmes;
  • To facilitate interlinks with Higher Clubs in ensuring skills exchange programmes;
  • To manage the training programmes of the PLFA squads; and, but not limited;
  • To manage the Key Talent Programme within the association.

Any enquiries on this matter, please send email to

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