Mamelodi Local Football Association is Holding an Ordinary Congress

The Mamelodi Local Football Association (MALFA) will on the 19th of August 2018 be holding an Ordinary Congress, which will also be an elective one. PLFA wishes them well in the event and trusts that it will go well.

As PLFA we are especially proud that our Secretary, Mr. Solly Mohlabeng will be serving at the MALFA’s Ordinary Congress (elective) as the Electoral Officer. The PLFA experience will thus be contributed in this event, confirming our ambitions of ‘Becoming an Africa’s leader in the Art and Science of the development and promotion of football.” This is an excerpt from our vision.

At PLFA we believe in the excellence of our people, and thus value their unique contribution to our success. As they succeed locally, and shine regionally, provincially and nationally, they make us shine too.

PLFA held its Ordinary Congress in May 2018, which too was an elective one. We will be holding an Extra-ordinary Congress on the 18th of August 2018, just a day before MALFA’s Ordinary Congress, to elect the Executive Committee members to the following positions:

  • Head of Football;
  • Head of Referees;
  • Head of Coaches; and
  • Associate Member Representative.

We urge our members to do the following things in time in ensuring that this Extra-ordinary Congress is a success:

  • Consult with the people to be nominated and agree with them of their nominations;
  • Complete and sign the nomination forms and send them to and; and
  • Send the signed letters of credentials on their club’s letterheads to

We trust that both these events will go well.

Once more, we wish Mamelodi success in their elective Congress.


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