Dear Members,

Something disturbing has been reported to the EXCO of PLFA. There are number of unsanctioned fixtures and training sessions happening within PLFA’s jurisdiction. This is so even when all Rules and communication prescribed again doing so.

Rule 12.1 of the Association says:

No Affiliate affiliated to the association, or players registered with the League may engage in any fixture other than the official fixture under the auspices of the association, unless prior written permission is granted by the association.”

Rule 15.4 of the Association says:

The dates and venues of fixtures shall be fixed by the Leagues and Competitions Committee.”

On the 30th of June 2020 we have communicated through Emails, Website and WhatsApp that training may not resume as the regulations prohibit. In that communication, we have the following statement as the very last sentence in the communication: “So there will be no “Going back to Training” until government and SAFA instruct otherwise, and we have concrete safety plans in place.”

We still have that communication visible on our website on this link:

Defiance to the Rules and our specific communication is a disciplinary issue. We will start with the Corrective Action Requests in order to invoke disciplinary processes on those where there is evidence of breaking the Rules.

Whilst that is the case, we kindly request that those who are engaged in this act to stop with immediate effect.

Trusting that the message is clear.




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