Executive Update – December 2021


It’s been a couple of months without an Executive Update, and yet a lot must still happen. As such we decided to take this time to provide an update and a breakdown of what needs to happen to carry us through to a successful Congress and commencement of the 2022 season.
First, let’s take this opportunity to wish you all a happy festive season. May all of you be merry, rest well, and be safe during these life-threatening times. 
1. 2021 Season
We have successfully concluded the 2021 season in October / November this year. We have paid the required prize money to the winners, and we are planning to have an Award Ceremony for 2021 in February 2022. We will let you know about the date once confirmed with Supersport United. 
During this season we were also able to hold the Award Ceremony for 2019, which was delayed due to COVID-19 lockdowns. We would like to thank our Members who kept on following up, basically ensuring that it happens. And we would like to thank Supersport United for not only supporting the ceremony, but making it bigger than we expected, and ensuring its success.
2. 2022 Season
The 2022 season has started in earnest with our Super League already in motion. So far we have 12 teams, with one currently on suspension due to obligatory issues which are also currently being addressed. It is possible that one more team (Dream Team FC) may be added to the league, but the Executive Committee must still deliberate and decide on that.
The Junior Football Leagues will commence in February 2022. Once the affiliation process completes, all the participants will be billed for the Junior Teams Registrations, all of which will be due by end of February 2022. So it is extremely important that the affiliation forms (https://plfa.org.za/office/affiliation/affiliationform/) be completed as these are also a Good Standing element for both the Congress and further participation.
3. Goodwill Games
This year the association approved two competitions for the festive season, that is, Jacaranda Callies FC and Lucas Masterpieces Moripe Goodwill Games (LMMGG). The association is in the process of implementing its Football Competitions Policy, whose primary purpose is to protect association football in Phelindaba, and to enforce order as the competitions get underway. So these two competitions were approved in accordance with this policy.
However we must say that not everything went smoothly for these competitions. It seems that we have not taken time to workshop this policy during the year, ensuring that all applicants and officials of the association understood their obligations. Some of the chaos that the policy tries to prevent occured nonetheless. We also had a debacle with some of the Match Officials who tried to take over the engagement with the organisers, which we are going to address in the new year.
On this note, we would like to profusely apologize to the organizers and the participants alike for the negetive impact that our unpreparedness has caused on both competitions. All the omissions and disruptions will receive the attention that they deserve, the necessary corrective actions will be implemented, and we aim at improving the competition experience for both hosts and participants in 2022.
4. Active Members of the Association
We have a situation where the number of unadmitted Members of the association has increased. Some of the unadmitted Members and suspended Members continue to ignore the request for them to remedy their situation. At some point we need to cut the umbilical cord to these Members if they continue to ignore their current situation. 
Through this communique, we urge all unadmitted Members to do the two simple things:
1) Write a letter to the Congress via the Secretary to request Admission. Send it to info@plfa.org.za, and
2) Complete the Affiliation Form from this link https://plfa.org.za/office/affiliation/affiliationform/.
Failure to do so, such unadmitted Members will cease to be our Members, and they will no longer be allowed to participate in the activities of the association.
Suspended Members will be recommended for expulsion if they also continue to remedy their situation.
For the removal of doubt, the list here-below shows admitted Active Members. If you are not on this list, then you are either an unadmitted Member or a Suspenderd, and as such, are therefore affected by the above paragraph:
Member NameContact PersonEmail AddressU11U13U15U17U19SLSocialSABReg LadGDLNat LadNFDPSL
Atteridgeville Young Zebras Football ClubSparks Mahlaelayoungzebras6@gmail.comYesYesYes
Future Masters Football ClubMoeketsi Molotomoeketsi.moloto@yahoo.comYes
Heroes Football ClubRichard Sitholesitholesiphorichard@gmail.comYesYesYesYesYesYes
Jacaranda Callies Football ClubPule Tayitayi pule.joseph123@gmail.comYesYesYesYesYesYes
Junior Callies Football Club Xolisa Ningizafakudeot@gmail.comYesYesYesYes
Lotus United Football ClubNicholas Ndlovulgpowerstarsfc@gmail.comYesYes
Masibuyisane Football ClubSebenzile Mazibukomasibuyisanecommunityproject@gmail.comYesYesYes
Mighty Stars Football ClubSetumo Kgotyanesckgotyane@gmail.comYesYes
Mountain Movers Football ClubElvis Bokababokaba.john@gmail.comYesYesYesYesYesYes
Phelindaba Legends Football ClubGabriel Kaugabrielkau8@gmail.comYes
Pretoria Cardinals Football ClubBisto Mogashoabistomj65@gmail.comYesYesYes
Real Jabulani Football ClubZakhele Ntulirealjabulani8@gmail.comYesYesYes
Sabona Chelsea Football ClubJames Monyachelseapheli@gmail.comYesYesYes
Sammots Football ClubSamuel Makgopasammotsfootballclub@gmail.comYesYesYesYes
South African Masters and Legends Football AssociationNhlanhla Mabuselarutando.homes@gmail.com
Strides Football ClubSamson Mabundainfo@stridesfc.org.zaYesYes
The Bees Football ClubMncedisi NdlovuMncedisindlovu89@gmail.comYesYesYesYesYes
Tshwane University of PretoriaLerato MokoeMokaeL@tut.ac.zaYesYes
Vikings Football ClubPortia Lekgothoane mohlapatshidi@gmail.comYesYes
Young Tigers Football ClubBushy Makgopayoungtigerscf@gmail.comYesYesYes
Some unadmitted Members and new applicants have sent their letters to the association already. However we urge all unadmitted Members to re-write letters and specifically address them as folows:
The Ordinary Congress 2022
Phelindaba Local Football Association
146 Sehloho Street,
Attention: Secretary (Mapitsa Poopedi)
Please write the letters by or before the 31st of December 2021. Letters must be on Club’s letterhead, and must be signed by the authorised official of the club. Also ensure that the Affiliation Form is completed by this date.
5. PLFA Ordinary Congress 2022
The association will be holding its Ordinary Congress on the 22nd of January 2022 at a venue still to be announced. This is the highest decision making body of the association. A notice to this regard has been sent to all Members and will be resent together with this communique on email. 
Members are reminded about the following critical points:
a) Congress Stading Orders – nothing that is not submitted in writing will be discussed or decided upon. The standing orders in relation to writing to the Congress are detailed in the notice of the Congress.
b) Good Standing – Only Members who are in Good Standing will aprticipate during the Congress. Quorum will be calculated from a total of Members who are in Good Standing.
c) Apologies – No apologies will be accepted at the Congress. Members must arrange themselves properly as delegates according to their availability. The Credentials to be sent must be aligned with this principle.
d) Elective Congress – This is an elective Congress. A new Executive Committee will be elected for the next 4 year term. Only delegates of the Members in Good Standing will be able to cast their votes. The Nomition Process and Forms have been sent together with the notice. The Nomination Process has also been opened. Members are free to lobby and nominate.
6. Membership and Registration Fees
Members are reminded that Membership Fees must be paid by or before the 31st of December 2021. Membership Fees for 2022 have bnen billed in October already as per the Constitution. Membership Fee for 2022 is R750.00. This increase was approved in 2020 for 2021, but was not implemented in 2021 due to the COVID-19 impact.
New Members who have joined the association in 2021 in order to participate in the Super League have been billed R500.00 Membership Fee for 2021. This is because the Super League starts in 2021 and they would not be let to participate without affiliation in that year. They are also billed R750.00 Membership Fee for 2022 to be in line with all the Members. 
Only Super League Members have been billed for the Registration Fee thus far. The Junior teams will be billed in January 2022 after the finalisation of the Affiliation Process.
Please NOTE:
* Registration Fees for Super League 2022 will affect the “In Good Standing” status if not brought up-to-date;
* Registration Fees for Junior Leagues 2022 will NOT affect the “In Good Standing” Status as they are due past the Congress (in February 2022).
7. Overdue Payments
Members who have overdue payments will cease to be in Good Standing. Overdue Payments are determined by the due date of the invoices issued, Should there be a payment still due after the due date of any invoice, then such payment is an overdue payment. Where payment arrangements have been made, each arranged payment date that has been missed constitutes an overdue payment. Members are urged to rectify their overdue payments by or before the 31st of December 2021.
Please note, the due dates are not determined by or aligned to salary dates of the club officials. Those who fund the clubs from their own pockets and get paid on dates prior or after the 31st of December, or any due date, are urged to ensure that they still cover the association’s due dates as set in the invoices. No due date will be amended to accommodate  the salary dates of the club officials.
There are Members who were affected by the fines imposed in August / September. Some of those Members refuse to pay the fines as they believe there was no obligation on their part to attend the Award Ceremony and / or the workshop. We have always maintained that if anyone disputes the fine imposed then they must follow the Dispute Resolution Process to have the matter reviewed. The process is clearly detailed in the Rules of the Association under the Corrective Action Management section. So far no formal dispute was raised. Therefore if the Overdue Payment is caused by the fine that was not paid, unfortunately such will affect a Member’s Good Standing status. Members are urged to pay these fines. A big THANK YOU to all the Members who did.
8. In Good Standing Elements
For the Congress and for continued participation, the following will be regarded as the elements contributing to the “In Good Standing” Status for Members:
a) Fully Fledged Member (Admitted);
b) Affiliation Process Completed (Forms Filed)
c) Membership Fee for 2022 Fully Paid;
d) No Overdue Payments
Any Member NOT meeting any of the creteria mentioned here-above IS NOT in Good Standing.
9. Conclussion
Whilst this update is there to inform Members about the currently happenings, it is also to prepare Members for 2022 and the ensuing Elective Congress. I trust that all that is required to assist Member to understand the requirements is here, and should there be any doubt, we are here to answer all questions.
Have yourselves a wonderful festive period. Rest well and come back refreshed in 2022.

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