Corruption Is an Enemy of Ours

It has emerged that there is a video of a club official bribing a match official somewhere in North West for an ABC Motsepe match. This activity was captured in a video, which is also shared through this article.

A video of a Match Official being Paid in North West

There are two main proponents of this kind of corruption in football, namely, desire to win at all costs, and love of money. When these two meet, a corruption idea is born.

Funny enough, these two proponents, besides the fact that they lead to corruption, they are also enemies of football development. In development, winning at all costs skews the developmental objectives. The thinking, discussions, decisions, effort and everything that follows, including arguments, factions, strife, and fights, all deviate from the goal and move towards individual glory, or that of a particular grouping.

I is evident that where-ever there is corruption, there is a great desire to win, love of money, power groupings, and lack of mass unity against corruption as an enemy.

We know that as a country we did not gain democracy as sympathy from the oppressors, nor a strength of our strategies and / or tactics (although the latter helped a great deal), but more because we were united against the enemy – this being the apartheid system.

We would like to get every member of the PLFA organisation to rally behind the fight against corruption as an enemy. To fight this from all fronts. To defeat it on ongoing bases.

Let us at all times guard against winning at all costs. We are a development organisation. Yes victory is sweet, but victory of individuals within an organisation that fails cannot at all be sweet. It is in itself an indictment. As an Association, we have strategic objectives. It is only in the achievement of those that victory can really be sweet. And guess what, as part of the organisational strategic objectives is a need for a corrupt-free organisation.

And more importantly, our Referees need to understand the importance of their function and skills within the context of football development. They will understand that love for money is in actual fact villain factor in the mix. As an association we try to eliminate any temptations for the Referees to love or be driven by money. One of the things we are doing is no longer pay Referees at the grounds. There must be no money exchange at the Grounds at all. But in doing so, the Association needs to ensure that it pays Referees on time to their bank accounts.


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