Convocation Done and Dusted, Residual Issues to Receive Attention

The Phelindaba Local Football Association held is Convocation in preparation of the Ordinary Congress to be held on the 26th of January 2019. This Convocation was held on the 21st of January 2019 as planned.

It must be said though that only 10 out of 28 Members were represented. This is generally not good. The Rules will be applied to deal with absenteeism in this regard.

Out of the meeting, two main issues arose. Namely, 1) there are Referees who are still being owed; 2) majority of the Members are not in Good Standing.

It is a principle of the Association not to owe anyone. This principle has been further reduced into a policy statement on the Treasury Policy that is to be adopted during the ensuing Congress, on Clause 8.2.2, where it says: “Unless determined otherwise in a contract or other agreement, and depending on the availability of funds, all payments due to creditors must be settled within 30 days from date of statement and, in the case of civil claims, from the date of settlement or court judgement.

Therefore in moving with speed to resolve this issue, there is a meeting set up for the 25th of January 2019 with all the Referees who have claim to be present, with the Treasurer, the Head of Referees, the Vice Chairperson: Membership and Governance, and the Chairperson of the Association. This meeting will be held at Molambo Hall at 19h00.

In addressing the issue of the Members Not in Good Standing, which is addressed in the in Clause 4.2 of the Administration and Communications Policy, it would require the following to be done by the members, which is highly improbable:

  1. Submit Affiliation Forms (FORM A1), and must be returned with the following supporting documents:
    • FORM B1 – Management of the Club;
    • FORM C1 – Delegates of the Club to the association’s Congresses;
    • FORM C2 – Leagues and Competitions Delegate;
    • FORM C3 – Referees Forum Delegates (Minimum 3 Forms);
    • FORM C4 – Technical and Development Forum Delegates;
    • FORM C5 – Football Stakeholder Forum Delegates;
    • a copy of a Constitution (and Policies if Applicable);
    • a copy of the minutes of its last congress or constitutional meeting;
    • an original Bank Deposit Slip showing payment of the full affiliation fee; and
    • A Bank Stamped Proof of Bank Account
    • Payment of the membership fees.

We say the above is highly improbable because the issue of Legal Constitution and the Minutes of the last constitutional meeting. This the association knows that Members are not compliant with. It is in the programme of the association to ensure that Members comply with these requirements in 2019 for the 2020 Ordinary Congress. Therefore the Executive Committee will propose that these requirements be relaxed for the 2019 Ordinary Congress so that the Congress be able to go ahead. However this must be done with the following conditions:

  1. All Membership Fees to be paid in full by 15 February 2019;
  2. All outstanding debts by Members to be paid in full by 15 February 2019;
  3. No Players will be registered for any Member (including Super League) unless the Membership Fees and overdue Debts are paid in full;
  4. The month February to be used for Pre-Season Competitions, and Registration of Teams, Players and Officials;
  5. As part of the completion of Affiliation, the documents listed here-above, except for the Constitution and the Minutes of the Constitutional Meeting to be submitted, fully completed and duly signed; and
  6. All Members who have not complied with the above to be suspended as from the 1st of March, to be fined for failing to carry out a reasonable instruction, and the interest on theirs debts to be imposed as prescribed in the Treasury Policy;
  7. Suspended Members who are unable to comply within month of suspension to be put up for expulsion as per the provisions of the Constitution, for which and Extra-Ordinary Congress will be called to deal with such expulsions.

Unfortunately if the application of the rules is not enforced as indicated here-above, there association will always be unstable.

Wishing compliance from all members, and a successful Ordinary Congress.


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