Compliance – A Silent Challenge for 2019 at PLFA

Sizwe Nkosi

The 2019 is proving to be a year of challenge to PLFA when it comes to compliance. From the middle of 2018 the Executive Committee has been sensitising Members about the requirement of completing membership forms. This is a simple task which has been documented on Still only a few members managed to download the required forms (FORM A1 and FORM B1), completed them, signed them, and submitted them. The majority of the members could not manage to do this simple task. As a result, members are on the verge of being suspended for this simple task.

Again, the association has for years been preaching the issue of getting rid of debt-enabled operations. The crunch time is now here, and this is proving to be an impossible task for many Members. The declaration is that, going forward, no Member must participate whilst owing the association. This means that Members must pay up.

The association is being owed up to R63,289.00. Of this, R22,000.00 is carried over from 2017, and R32,000.0 is carried over from 2018. The remainder is the new debt in 2019. There are still fees to be invoiced, these being the Junior League Registration Fees. Should these fees be added on the existing debt, all hope in paying the debt will almost diminish, and get the association to accepting that it operates with debts that never gets paid. This must never be the case.

Indeed our tough stance on compliance, including debt collection, rises a chance for the association to completely collapse. The some of the experienced Members who chose to either not pay up, nor to approach the association for arrangements, rely of their abilities to cause confusion and chaos with the other members to put the operations of the association to a grinding halt. For instance, the association has 28 Members. Of these, only 5 are In Good Standing, 10 did the right thing by approaching the association to make payment arrangements and 13 are on suspension mode (still to be communicated to individual Members by the 25th of March 2019). Of those who are on the suspension mode, 11 of them are veteran members of the association. Which this situation, if confusion and chaos erupt, there is eminent split of the association, something we must avoid by all means necessary.

This toughness is not a witch hunt or vilification exercise. It is a compliance exercise as agreement upon at the PLFA Ordinary Congress 2019. Members are required to recognise the authority of the association and comply. Those members who wish to make representations on their standing must approach the association with facts, Arrangements for representations can be made by sending the request to

Any member who is confirmed to be suspended will be participate in the leagues of the association as from the 26th of March 2019. Members are therefore required to pay their debts, and submit their signed membership forms As soon as possible.

Trusting that this is in order.

Sizwe Nkosi – Chairperson of the Association


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