Change of Leagues and Competitions Operations

At its ordinary meeting of the 8th of September 2019, the Executive Committee of PLFA decided that Match Officials for the fixtured matches will no longer be appointed at the Referees Meeting on Mondays, but will now be at the Leagues and Competitions meeting in Tuesdays.

The Head of Football will now be in charge of all football operations, including the appointment of Match Officials. This will lead to smoother operations of the Leagues and Competitions function.

The Leagues and Competitions Committee have been re-structured to be as follows:

  • Chairperson of the Committee (Head of Football);
  • Fixture and Facilities Control Officer;
  • Match Control Officer; and
  • Refereeing Control Officer.

The Head of Football will reshuffle the members of the current Leagues and Competitions to play the above roles. A session will be set for the induction of members into those roles.

The Referees will be appointed in a form of clubs, and no longer individuals. Club will now take the accountability that the fixtures for which they are appointed for are officiated as scheduled.

Clubs will then appoint Match Officials within their ranks to officiate as scheduled.

What changes and What stays the same?

  • Accountability in officiating the matches is now with the clubs, who are Members of the association, and no longer individuals Match Officials.
  • Accountability in ensuring that Match Officials are registered with the Association is now with Clubs, and no longer with the Head of Referees.
  • The process of the payment of Referees will be amended to make the Referees Control Officer (see here-above) responsible of compiling the Referees Report monthly, and the Head of Football approving for the Treasurer to pay Match Officials.

We expect that this new process will kick off in September 2019, but will be fully functional at the new 2020 season starts.

The Referees Forum will continue to operate, but will focus on training activities. The 3rd Vice Chairperson, Ms Lefhiedi will continue heading this function. Refined operations of the Referees Forum will be communicated in due cause. It is still compulsory for each Member to send their Referees to the Referees Forum meetings.

Mr. Bushy Makgopa will continue in his role as Head of Football.


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