Executive Comment

Executive Updates: July 2021

PLFA is still awaiting SAFA with the complete instructions for returning to football. What has been released thus far is the allowance for the Inter-LFA Super League Play-offs and the strict adherence to health protocols. As PLFA we have sent a communication for clubs to start training, also with a general statement to adherence to the heath protocols. […]


Off to a Rocky Start

The commencement of the Super League 2021 season was off to a rocky start. Of the four matches scheduled to play on the 27th of March, only one played because both teams were ready. This is a Young Gunners vs the Bees match. However, even for this match, the ground was not ready. The match was scheduled to play at Masopha S Ground at 15h00. Due to the ground not being ready in terms of being cut and being lined, the match had to be moved to Mbolekwa Ground two hours later. […]


FIFA Law 4 and the Way Forward

The purpose of this report is to provide direction on the matter relating to a match between The Bees and Young Zebras on the 7th of November 2020. This match did not play and resulted in issues that require executive interventions. It is important and proper that such intervention be as transparent as possible, ensuring that all factored that the Executive Committee relied on to arrive at its decisions are flushed out, open to criticism and provide a learning path for the association. […]