Additional Members Election Date is Set

All affiliates and associate members of the association in good standing are here-by informed on the nomination process for the additional Executive Committee to be elected during the 2018 August 18 Extra ordinary Congress.

The portfolios to be filled through these elections are:

  1. Head of Football (current incumbent is Zakhele Ntuli);
  2. Head of Referees (current incumbent is Walter Sebake);
  3. Head of Coaches (current incumbent is Mpho Motala); and
  4. Associate Member Representative (current incumbent is Johannes Matloga).

The above members were appointed by the Executive Committee during May this year as per the provisions of the Constitution. However, immediately after that, members of the association elected to amend the constitution to enforce that these additional members to the Executive Committee are elected, and no longer appointed. The Constitutions has been duly amended to accommodate this requirement.

The Executive Committee has, in compliance with Article 26.7 of the Constitution, appointed the City of Tshwane officials at Lucas Moripe Stadium offices to act as the Electoral organisation, and will thus handle both the nomination and electoral process for this Congress.

The Nomination forms to be used by your organization to nominate the candidates to serve on the Executive Committee for a four year term are sent to members via email.

Members are requested to engage all the candidates and confirm with them their availability for the portfolio’s being nominated for. This due diligence will assist the association in ensuring that the election of the officials is a success, and it is not hindered by candidates
rejecting nominations prior to the elections due to lack of consultation.

All completed nominations must be submitted to City of Tshwane office at Lucas Moripe Stadium. On handing in the form, members must please ensure that an acknowledgement of receipt is provided as proof of submission.

Please see the activity timeline activities here-below:

Under extreme circumstances, nominations will be allowed from the floor in accordance with Article 26.11 of the Constitution.

For further inquiries please contact the Secretary of the association.

Trusting that the above is in perfect order.

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