A Case of COVID-19 Reported

The association has received a report on the first case of COVID-19 amongst its Members. On the 5th of July 2020, Young Tigers Football Club reported that one of its players has tested positive on Corona Virus.

South Africa has been experiencing sharp increases on the Corona Virus infections over the past month. When it seemed that the infections were unrealistically high in other countries, like USA and Spain, South Africa’s infection rate was modest in increasing. However that trajectory have changed. We have seen spikes in the Western Cape, in the Eastern Cape, and lately in Gauteng. This means that, although the danger was always there and we did not see it, it is here now, and not only can we see it, we can feel it and tough it. The danger is now both tangible and imminent.

Pretoria West, and that includes Atteridgeville, Saulsville and Lotus, has been identified recently as a hotspot in Tshwane. It is now more than ever that we need to exercise extreme restraint in everything we do, and include caution in all our practices in order to save lives, those of ourselves and of those close to us. 

In doing so, the Department of Health has shared some tips on safety measures. See the infographic image here-below:

Wearing a mast is undoubtedly one of the most effective acts of prevention of the spread of the virus. Without a doubt, wearing masks is a sign of caring. It is a sign that as a human being, I am taking a stand to protect you, whilst I see you doing the same, and yet in many case we do not even know each other. Here is another Infographic image on the use of masks from the Department of Health.

Prevention is better that cure. This is especially true in cases like these ones where there are no guarantees of a cure. Out of 196,750 infections, only 93,315 people were able to recover thus far. This is 47% of the infections. Whilst Western Cape was seen as an epicentre of the infections, it is also show capability in recoveries where they account for 52% of all recoveries. They still account for the highest deaths though (65%). 

Corona Virus must not be the the end of us. Instead, we must be the end of the virus. Let us work together in ensuring that we prevent the spread of the virus from our front. Let us:

  1. Keep constant communication with our Club Management, Officials and Players about staying safe;
  2. Avoid any football activity, including collective training, until it is safe to do so;
  3. Creatively come up and share ways of keeping the imaginations of our footballers engaged in football whilst away from football (we will share some of the ideas with a competitive streak); and
  4. Lead with example, practice safety in front of our families, friends, football colleagues, communities, etc.

To Young Tigers Football, we thank you for sharing such crucial information with us. We want you to know that it is sharing of such information that makes us even more committed to defeat the virus. We also wish your player speedy recovery. We wish to play with him when the restrictions have been lifted and it is safe to do so. We wish to look at this then as a scare of the past, laugh it over and forge ahead with life, the new normal, as we will get know it better.

For any ideas on how we can keep safe, active and engaged during the lockdown period, please send your ideas to info@plfa.org.za. 


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